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Frequently Asked Questions

How Are Manhattan Beach Schools doing?

What are the challenges facing Manhattan Beach schools?

Why do we need Measure MB?

How will Measure MB support our schools?

How Are Manhattan Beach Schools doing?

I don’t have children in Manhattan Beach schools – how will Measure MB benefit me?

Isn’t state funding being restored?

Why does the state fund our schools at such a low level?

Don’t all my property taxes go to our local schools?

Doesn't the Manhattan Beach Education Foundation (MBEF) make up the difference between what the State provides and what our schools need?

Do other school districts have local funding measures in place?

How do we know that Measure MB funds will be spent as promised?

How much would Measure MB cost?

Will all funds benefit our Manhattan Beach schools?

How long will Measure MB be in place?

Didn’t we recently pass a local bond measure for Manhattan Beach schools?

What’s the difference between parcel tax measures and bond measures?

Will funding from Measure MB be used to fund public employee pensions?

How much will the cost of Measure MB be for renters?

When will I be able to vote on Measure MB?

What level of support is required to pass Measure MB?

How can I vote on Measure MB?

How can I register to vote?

How can I learn more about Measure MB?

About the Measure MB Senior Exemption

Does Measure MB include an exemption for senior citizens?

If married, do both homeowners need to be 65+ to qualify for exemption?

Is there an income requirement for senior citizens to claim an exemption?

Do senior citizens have to apply annually for exemption?

What is the application process for senior exemptions?

How will data provided on exemption forms be protected?

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