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YES on MB will keep Manhattan Beach schools among the best in California and the nation.

The campaign to pass Measure MB is a community-based volunteer effort. We need
66.7% support from voters in order to win so we’re counting on local volunteers like you
to give a few hours of your time to this important campaign.

By contacting local voters directly, we can convey the critical importance of Measure MB
and answer any questions voters may have. We can win — but only with the help of
volunteers like you.

Measure MB is utilizing TWO different platforms to support our campaign:

The first is PDI Mobile Connect and is for Turf Captains to use while canvassing our neighborhoods.  Only official Turf Captains should be utilizing and have access to this resource.

The second is VoterCircle. VoterCircle is a social networking platform that allows volunteers to help from their own home or office!  “Digital Canvassers” upload their contacts to their OWN Voter Circle account, which is then automatically cross-referenced with Manhattan Beach registered voters (sourced from public records).

Digital Canvassers are able to utilize a template email, adding their own personal touch, and send a Voter Identification email to their contacts.  With just one email, the campaign can potentially identify over 100 voters.  That’s 100 less doors for our Turf Captains to have to knock on!  If you would like to be a “Digital Canvasser”, please email Wysh Weinstein at:

Time Until Voting Day


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