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Senior Citizen Exemption for Measure MB

Does Measure MB include an exemption for senior citizens?

If married, do both homeowners need to be 65+ to qualify for exemption?

Is there an income requirement for senior citizens to claim an exemption?

Do senior citizens have to apply annually for exemption?

What is the application process for senior exemptions?

How will data provided on exemption forms be protected?

Exemption Forms - Due by July 6, 2018

Property owners age 65 or older, those receiving Supplemental Security Income for a disability, or those receiving Social Security Disability Insurance may be eligible for an exemption from the Measure MB parcel tax.  Please download and review the eligibility requirements on the following forms:

Senior Exemption Form - Measure MB

Supplemental Income or Social Security Disability Insurance Exemption Form - Measure MB

Privacy: As you are completing your exemption forms, please know that protecting your personal information is important to the District. Information on redacting portions of the information provided, and how the information is handled can be found here.

For more information, please visit the Measure MB page on the MBUSD website here.

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